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Disney The American Presidents Volume 4: Postwar United States & Contemporary United States
Disney The American Presidents Volume 4: Postwar United States & Contemporary United States
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The Award-Winning Series Is Now Available as an App for iPads!

American history is so much more than dates and documents—it's the dynamic story of the real men and women, immigrants and Native Americans, who together built our country. "Disney's The American Presidents" is a fresh and relevant narrative (developed with the former producer of "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report") about the men who led this country through change—from an early idea of democracy to our first African-American President.

The last in a 4-part series, this DVD includes short-form biographies of the 33rd-44th United States Presidents—beginning with Harry Truman and the country's postwar economic recovery efforts, and ending with the incumbent Barack Obama. The educational feature "The Presidency and the Economy" explores the important role the President and Federal Government play in managing our nation's financial health. The DVD features interviews and insights from political experts and commentators like Melissa Harris-Lacewell (Associate Professor of Politics and African-American Studies at Princeton University), Paul E. Begala (Former White House Aide), Mo Rocca (Political Commentator), Sam Donaldson (News Anchor) and many others.

Try the interactive whiteboard content on every DVD—it’s an exciting, competitive game that uses video clips, photographs and quotes to test students’ understanding of the presidents, their political positions, and why they matter in the American story.

Want More Disney American Presidents?

Get the American Presidents on your iPad and iPhone! Sit in the Oval Office and flip through the Unofficial Scrapbook—you’ll find plenty of amazing stories and new perspectives about the men who helped shape our nation on the windy road to our modern presidential elections.

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